Horse Wisdom

A unique and tailored program for children or adults focusing on social and emotional development whilst experiencing life on a cattle station. 

Through working and communicating with horses, children and adults develop a sensitivity to their body language, thus leading to a better understanding of non-verbal communication in each other, and themselves.



One or two days.


Wolverton Station.




Face-to-face delivery.


$400 (one day workshop)
$700 (two day workshop)

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About this workshop

The programs can be tailored to group needs with a focus on building awareness of themselves and others, learning and understanding relationships, as well as identifying thoughts and feelings. The experience uses horses and cattle as the centre of a personalised journey promoting self-discovery, growth and relationships.

No prior understanding of horses is necessary and all activities are on the ground. Some of the activities include leading and grooming, engaging in an experience surrounded by openness and nature.

The key learning areas are:

  • Awareness
  • Boundaries
  • Feelings
  • Thoughts
  • Relationships
  • Resourcing
  • Resilience
Quick Facts
  • Experience offered individually or in groups, with a maximum of 8 participants
  • All meals and drinks are included
  • Run over 2 days between May and November.
  • Can be tailored for your organisation or local business as part of team building
What you take home
  • Calmness and improved wellbeing
  • Skill to identify your feelings and thoughts and how these are influencing your behaviours
  • Tools to take control of how you feel and respond to situations beyond your control
  • Learn how to understand who you are underneath ‘life’s’ impacts, experiences, relationships and others’ expectations of you
  • Understand how to navigate a conversation with each other ‘safely’
  • Develop some tools to have an assertive conversation and feel ok with confrontation
  • Strategies to work with the inner critic
  • Practical tools to build on your awareness, understanding more about how you ‘are’ in a relationship
  • Tools to help you communicate more effectively in a way that is comfortable for you (not everyone communicates the same way)
  • Know what others are reading from you, before you know what you are saying
  • Recognise sensations and what these are saying to you
  • Warm memories of a unique experience
  • Support, information and a calm, refreshing environment with peace and space
2024 Dates

Horse Wisdom partnering with RFDS

May 14 – 15th

June 4th – 5th

July 23th – 24th

August 27 – 28th

September 10th – 11th

Horse Wisdom for Teens

June 29th – 30th

July 6th – 7th


One day program

Non – RFDS Prog $400

Participants arrive at 10am and the program is completed by 4pm.

Two day program

Non-RFDS Prog. $700

Participants arrive at 10am Day 1 and the program is completed by 3pm Day 2. Meals and accommodation included.

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