Life is not about finding yourself.
It is creating yourself…

Change is tough, growth can be a struggle, relationships don’t always turn out as expected, teams don’t always gel as planned, resilience and compassion get tested.

Life is full of ups and downs, moving forwards and being knocked backwards, expected and unexpected hurdles crossing our path.

You decide how you handle the cards you have been dealt.  You have choices and you have the power.

The fact that you’ve reached our website suggests that you’re seeking one or a combination of the following:

    1. To see change or create change in yourself or around you.
    2. To strengthen and develop yourself or your team,
    3. To contribute to the betterment of your community.
    4. To understand yourself a little more (and believe in your magic).

All of those desires are courageous, expansive and we’re excited to support you in achieving them!

Meet the Team

We are Emma and Neville Jackson – the pair behind Swift FNQ and owner operators of Wolverton Station (with Nev’s family).

We’re all about leveraging your existing strengths and developing additional skills so you can respond confidently to life’s challenges, design a successful future of your choosing and build the capacity of your community.

While everyone’s challenges are unique, we understand how it feels to have our commitment tested, to struggle towards our goals and to have people doubt our abilities.

Just a small selection of ‘resilience testers’ we’ve experienced are:

      • Emma moving from bustling Manchester in the UK to outback Far North Queensland
      • Neville being badly burned in a bushfire and needing to continue managing a  70,000ha station
      • Being isolated and struggling to pay bills because cattle prices were poor
      • Emma completing her teacher training (via dial-up internet), then working full time away from the station, while raising three children and overseeing business operations
      • Sending children away to boarding school to ensure they develop personal resilience and live with exposure to the urban world as well as the remote world
      • Losing a beautiful nephew to suicide and questioning what else we could have done to prevent his passing

We get it.  We understand ‘life’ and we understand that life is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it just ‘is’.  These personal growth experiences combined with our industry experience and professional qualifications ensure we can offer the knowledge and skill development to improve your life and community.

About Emma

Emma’s awareness of other peoples’ needs is deep. Physical, emotional, and social well-being is the key to an individual’s ability to succeed, strengthen and grow. Emma purposefully designs Swift FNQ’s experiential learning programs to build people ‘from within’ with a focus on emotional intelligence, mindfulness and self-awareness. Neuroscience is weaved into the programs to enhance physical, mental and emotional transformation. Working in group environments or one-on-one, Emma provides her clients with all the skills, tools and awareness needed to create and strengthen long-lasting change, personally and professionally. 

Emma is committed to supporting individuals and communities to grow having:

      • Created Conquer the Corrugations Mental Health Awareness Walk which supports and remembers those affected, and removes the stigma that surrounds mental health in Cape York – 1,370 participants to date
      • Delivered ‘Women Empowering Women’ training for 40 women from Cape York on behalf of the National Rural Women’s Coalition
      • Partnered with Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council and Western Cape College to deliver a community engagement program for 47 disengaged young women

Emma’s key strengths are perseverance, drive, passion, and the ability to stop and listen. Examples of these strengths include: 

      • Securing a scholarship for the Australian Rural Leadership Program through the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation
      • Chairing the Cape York Natural Resource Management (NRM) Region for eight years, and continuing into my fourth year as Chairperson of NRM Regions Australia; the national peak organisation for all 54 regional NRM bodies across Australia
      • In 2017, successfully leading an export shipment of 2,300 head of cattle from Weipa to Indonesia to demonstrate to Far North Queensland how we can achieve something huge and challenging when we work together and face the obstacles head on

My qualifications include: 

      • BSc (Hons) Psychology (with Law) –  De Montfort University
      • Diploma in Health and Fitness Studies – Central Manchester College
      • Graduate Diploma in Education (Years 1-10) – Queensland University of Technology (currently a fully registered teacher)
      • Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner – The Equine Psychotherapy Institute
      • Certified Brain Coach
      • Applied Learning – Neuroscience
      • Sleep and Dream States Practitioner

About Neville

Neville has given over 50 years to Wolverton Station, committing to the family property as a young fella and now, owning and operating the station in partnership with his brother and family.

Neville’s knowledge and passion for livestock, grazing, animal welfare, land management, conservation and industry standards are exceptional and his patient, steady approach to on-farm outcomes, and those he works with, means that all activities are considered carefully when making decisions.

While he’s more of a ‘behind the scenes’ bloke, Neville has been mentoring young locals for many years offering knowledge and understanding of the business.

Like Emma, Neville is absolutely committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of participants before, during and after all Swift FNQ programs. He provides flexible learning, in an inclusive, supported, real-life working environment taking into consideration people, cultures and history.

Love for the team

"Emma helped me to feel brave"

“I really enjoyed feeding the animals, swimming at the dam and the way us girls got along well and helped each other and encouraged each other.  I really learned a lot out there like how to know the mood of the horses and I learned how to jump on a horse for the first time.  I learned how to stop being shy and started talking to Emma.  I really enjoyed that Emma helped me to feel brave and jump on a horse.”

~ Mourisha Mosby (Year 12), Napranum, Participant of the Teen Program 2021

"passionate, intelligent, powerhouse"

“Should you ever have the good fortune to meet or work with Emma Jackson then you too will encounter the passionate, intelligent, powerhouse that is tuned in and turned on by a genuine desire to holistically help improve the lives and communities around her.”

~ Julie Schiedel, NSW, Volunteered to support the teen programs in 2021, Conquer the Corrugations Participant

"they grew in confidence and learned so much more about themselves"

“When the girls from Naparanum attended Emma’s programs in 2021 they grew in confidence and learned so much more about themselves.  The girls are our future and having a local cattle property providing a program to build and strengthen who they are on the inside is important to the community and for future generations.”

~ Mayor Janita Motton, Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council

"Emma’s passion rubs off on people"

“My first Conquer was in 2015 when around 90 people got together for the first-ever mental health awareness walk with Emma Jackson over the 42km of the hot , dusty and corrugated road and her passion about getting the word out about mental health was the one thing that stood out to me and has not varied over time. Emma has been inspirational as the spokesperson for Conquer. This has changed me and many others on the way we look at mental health. So now we walk, we talk, we ask each other are you ok? It becomes normal to say to your mate, I got your back mate. Anything you want to talk about? Emma is Conquer and we are all part of the Conquer family, she has instilled this in us. Once you do the walk once it becomes “once is not enough” people become repeat offenders of the walk because Emma’s passion rubs off on people and people get so much out of it and her passion is the same as in 2015.”

~ Mick Volp, Conquer the Corrugations Participant

"...she is a mentor to many women in rural far north Queensland"

“Emma is the driving force behind the annual Conquer the Corrugations and is an inspiration throughout Cape York with her tireless efforts to deliver an event of scale in a remote location. Conquer offers support for people affected by mental health issues, removing the stigma surrounding mental health and providing a safe place for people to share their experiences. Being part of the event feels special. The challenge of walking together in the middle of nowhere brings everyone together and Emma always walks at the back to make sure no one is left behind and everyone feels cared for. Emma is also an inspiring business woman and was a speaker at the Cape York Business Symposium in 2020. Her passion and knowledge of land management coupled with her passion for the region and desire to help people grow are admirable and she is a mentor to many women in rural far north Queensland.”

~ Jenni James, Strategic Projects and Economic Development Coordinator, Cook Shire Council

Why are we the crew for you

We believe…


  • Success looks different for everyone
  • You get to choose your definition of success
  • Success is built ‘from within’
  • Health always comes first
  • Learning must be tailored to the individual

We stand against…


  • Racism, hate and exclusion
  • Shaming & bullying
  • Violence of any kind
  • Blocking or sabotaging opportunities
  • Naysayers
  • Diminising others’ achievements

We stand for…


  • Inclusiveness and equity
  • Accessibility
  • Honest conversation
  • Keeping promises
  • Laughter as medicine
  • Being 100% invested in you
  • Safety first
  • Embracing your strengths

We value…


  • Being true to self
  • Personal development
  • Empowerment resilience
  • Education
  • Celebration
  • Compassion for self and others
  • Strengthening communities

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