Son Connection

Anger, resentment and frustration stem from either a misunderstanding or a miscommunication.  Nearly every time, if the ‘unknown’ is explored, the conflict is avoided and temperatures are much cooler.  It makes it particularly difficult if both you and your son are not unpacking this ‘unknown’ and your communication is suffering.  This is when animal assisted learning intervenes.   The animals contribute to observations and help participants ‘see’ their behaviours.. Technology is changing how we communicate and sometimes sharing feelings and thoughts can feel hard to do in person.  It may feel as though your teenager is living in another world and you may be wondering how you both are becoming disconnected. These two days will help work through those struggles and offer tools for you both moving forwards.



One weekend.


Wolverton Station.


Every second month.


Face-to-face delivery.


$900 (total for parent and son)

About this workshop

This weekend’s focus is learning how thoughts and feelings shape experiences and behaviours, understanding and learning how to communicate with each other to build connections and take-home tools and strategies that will help calm any situation. 

Working with horses teaches us all compassion, empathy, self-discipline and understanding as we care for the horse and interact with them.  Together, and through participating in specially designed activities with the horses, you build your connection, supporting each other and growing your understanding of how both of you communicate.

Time with horses and time together in this open nature-based environment compliments the strength of the relationship between a parent and son.

Group of workshop participants walking dirt road with horses
Quick Facts
  • You are invited to arrive at 10am on Saturday and we finish at 1pm on Sunday
  • All meals, non-alcoholic drinks and accommodation are included
  • Run over weekends between August and December
  • Single air-conditioned bedrooms
  • Off the grid with 24hr power (no mobile service)
What you take home
  • Calmness and improved wellbeing
  • Skill to identify anxiety and overwhelm when signs first appear
  • Understand how to navigate a conversation with each other ‘safely’
  • Develop some tools to have an assertive conversation and feel ok with confrontation
  • Strategies to work with the inner critic and how to support someone else when theirs becomes a little loud
  • Practical tools to build on your awareness, understanding more about how you ‘are’ in a relationship
  • Know what others are reading from you, before you know what you are saying
  • An improved bond in your relationship with memories of a beautiful unique experience together
  • Feelings of being supported through your unique experience, take-home information and memories of enjoying a calm, refreshing environment with peace
  • New friendships with others and with the horses
2023 Dates

July 29th – 30th

September 9th – 10th


(total for parent and son)

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