What they said…

Our clients and community are the centre of our world so at Swift FNQ we always seek feedback. 

Here is what they had to say…

Throughout 2021, Emma’s SHINE program worked with our disengaged female students. Emma delivers programs with compassion, understanding and professionalism.  She listens to what the investor’s priorities are and she responds and adapts carefully to the needs and desires of the learners attending.

She accommodates diverse learning styles and brings warmth and love in her guidance and teaching.  In Addition, the SHINE program also provided opportunities for mentors from Napranum community to gain further skills to support the program delivery enabling further capacity development.

I place high value on the benefits of this program for young females within the Napranum community.

Dan Tonon

Principal, Secondary, Western Cape College, Weipa

Emma Jackson is an inspiration to many, and a natural leader with a deep-seated passion for the people of Cape York.

With her can-do attitude, Emma achieves success in all that she turns her hand to. Emma’s background in psychology, her passion for people and the land, coupled with the more recent skills around equine therapy have come together to create an incredible package that results in Emma having the capacity to support others towards an empowered, positive way of living.

Jocelyn Middleton

Manager, Far North Mental Health, RFDS

Should you ever have the good fortune to meet or work with Emma Jackson then you too will encounter the passionate, intelligent, powerhouse that is tuned in and turned on by a genuine desire to holistically help improve the lives and communities around her.

Julie Schiedel

Participant, Conquer the Corrugations

Emma is the driving force behind the annual Conquer the Corrugations and is an inspiration throughout Cape York with her tireless efforts to deliver an event of scale in a remote location. Conquer offers support for people affected by mental health issues, removing the stigma surrounding mental health and providing a safe place for people to share their experiences. Being part of the event feels special. The challenge of walking together in the middle of nowhere brings everyone together and Emma always walks at the back to make sure no one is left behind and everyone feels cared for. Emma is also an inspiring business woman and was a speaker at the Cape York Business Symposium in 2020. Her passion and knowledge of land management coupled with her passion for the region and desire to help people grow are admirable and she is a mentor to many women in rural far north Queensland.

Jenni James

Strategic Projects and Economic Development Coordinator, Cook Shire Council

What an influence Emma Jackson has made in my life.

Several years ago I signed up to walk 42km over two days in the scorching Far North Queensland heat to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention in Cape York.  I had heard of ‘Emma Jackson’, the Pom from Wolverton Station but never had the opportunity to meet her in person.  That year I struggled with every step of the walk – mentally and physically but Emma walked with me the entire way encouraging me each step, listening to me intensely and taking the time to genuinely care for which I am forever grateful.

Emma and I have formed a beautiful friendship since then which I value each and every day.  She is always there to listen, offer advice or talk.

Cherie Woodham

Participant, Conquer the Corrugations

I have had the pleasure of working with Emma now for many years and I dare say Cape York would be lost without her passion and dedication, assisting in improving lives from the kids to the adults in a very very remote area. It is not an easy task as everyone knows but she continues to strive for greatness.

Warren Entsch

Federal Member, for Leichhardt

When the girls from Naparanum attended Emma’s programs in 2021 they grew in confidence and learned so much more about themselves.  The girls are our future and having a local cattle property providing a program to build and strengthen who they are on the inside is important to the community and for future generations.

Janita Motton

Mayor, Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council

My first Conquer was in 2015 when around 90 people got together for the first-ever mental health awareness walk with Emma Jackson over the 42km of the hot , dusty and corrugated road and her passion about getting the word out about mental health was the one thing that stood out to me and has not varied over time. Emma has been inspirational as the spokesperson for Conquer. This has changed me and many others on the way we look at mental health. So now we walk, we talk, we ask each other are you ok? It becomes normal to say to your mate, I got your back mate. Anything you want to talk about? Emma is Conquer and we are all part of the Conquer family, she has instilled this in us. Once you do the walk once it becomes “ once is not enough “ people become repeat offenders of the walk because Emma’s passion rubs off on people and people get so much out of it and her passion is the same as in 2015.

Mick Volp

Participant, Conquer the Corrugations

I have known Emma for over 20 years as a passionate and dedicated advocate for disadvantaged and underprivileged people in rural and remote sectors on Cape York.

Amongst a plethora of personal initiatives, she has committed herself through the leadership of Cape York NRM for 8 years, organising the Conquer the Corrugations Mental Health Awareness events and conducting welfare workshops from her own home.

Qualified in education and psychology, Emma is essentially a mum, wife and pastoralist who selflessly looks after those in her care and those who she thinks need her care.

Our society needs more Emmas.

Peter Scott

Mayor, Cook Shire Council

I really enjoyed feeding the animals, swimming at the dam and the way us girls got along well and helped each other and encouraged each other.  I really learned a lot out there like how to know the mood of the horses and I learned how to jump on a horse for the first time.  I learned how to stop being shy and started talking to Emma.  I really enjoyed that Emma helped me to feel brave and jump on a horse.

Mourisha Mosby (Year 12) Napranum

Participant, Teen Program 2021

Have courage.

On April 8th, 2021 I first went out to Wolverton Station. I was grieving at the time, but I can tell you I had a great time out there.  I met some new friends – Monica and Tilly (the horses).  I felt scared at that time but when I looked into Monica’s eyes I felt that she could trust me.  My heart fell from my chest to my belly.  I got butterflies just flying around in circles.  I was nervous.  I was thinking a lot that I had not ridden a horse before but I made myself brave when I got on her back.  My legs were shaking and my heart was beating so fast but I knew she had trust in me and I have trust in her with everything.  This day on I am not scared of horses and have the courage in myself.

Horses feel your heart beat.  They tell us in their own way that we can trust them.

A horse once said

When you cannot walk,

Let me help you run.

When you are afraid,

Let me teach you to trust.

When you are weak,

Let me help you build strength.

When you can’t find your voice,

Let us speak without words.

When you want to give up,

Let me show you how far you can go.

I did try my best.

Rosita Hudson, Napranum

Participant, Teen Program 2021